Friday, May 3, 2013


Spider-Man is my favorite Superhero. A few years ago, I did a series of seven drawings celebrating Spidey's indomitable spirit and his entertaining assortment of excellent enemies (you can see all of those here). Well, Peter Parker's never-give-up spirit is as strong as ever, and there are certainly more than seven great rogues in his gallery, so I'm returning to the series with a second set of seven sinister Spidey squashings.

Spidey is also the king of the Marvel superhero combo platter, having starred for years in Marvel Team-Up, now in Avenging Spider-Man, and having been a member of The Avengers, The Defenders, The New Avengers, the Fantastic Four, The Future Foundation, and (briefly) The Backstreet Boys. So this time, several of the entries will also be featuring Spider-Man's buds, men without fear, heroes for hire, the reliably rock-solid, and more! You can expect to see a few of the lovely ladies of the Spider-Man cast show up too.

Brace yourself, web-heads, for the next seven days your favorite wall-crawling wonder is going take a beating!