Monday, February 20, 2012


I enjoy the Batted man in his many incarnations, but my first intro to the character was watching reruns of the old Adam West and Burt Ward series from the 60s, so while this may look a little mean, it’s cooked with love.

Batman’s costume was just a little off in the series. The eyes were cut into the cowl in such a way that they always made him look a little cross-eyed. Also the let the cowl hang out from under the cape making a weird little circular collar in the front. The painted-on eyebrows are off, to be sure, but strangest of all had to be that square painted around the tip of the nose. Riddle me this, Batman: WHY IS THERE A LITTLE SQUARE PAINTED AROUND THE TIP OF YOUR NOSE?

No time for riddles, old chum - TO THE BATPOLES

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