Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paul Bunyan is very tall

The following image is not a picture of a superhero or a monster. I know that might come as a shock, but it's true. Here's good ol' Paul Bunyan:

"Hello, my name is Paul. Do you have anything giant you'd like chopped down?"

I love Paul Bunyan, even though I barely remember anything about him. What I remember: he's a enormous lumberjack who has a giant blue Ox named Babe as a pet. I think maybe one of his stories involved sweating so much he created the great lakes. Or maybe it was crying, but I don't get the feeling Paul really cried a lot.

I also get the impression that Paul loves roadside attractions and breakfast. Maybe I'm projecting, though, as I also love roadside attractions and breakfast. Maybe Paul and I have a lot in common! Probably this is all we really have in common.

I wonder if Paul was delivered by that drunk stork from Looney Tunes that brought a giant baby to a normal-sized couple that one time (HA HA - I love it when he teethes on the tire!).

I also love that Babe isn't just a giant Ox, as if that wouldn't be outlandish enough. No, she (she? I think?) is a giant BLUE Ox. Was she born blue? Is she from Monster Island like Godzilla (and in case that gets your gears turning, I call dibs on drawing a comic about Paul Bunyan fighting Godzilla! DIBS! I'm gonna do it!)?

I suppose instead of endlessly speculating about Paul Bunyan I could probably go read some thing about him instead. Maybe I'll go do that in a bit. Until then, maybe baby Paul Bunyan made the Hoover Damn out of baby blocks! Maybe Paul Bunyan dug the Grand Canyon to poop in! Maybe Paul Bunyan invented the Big Gulp!

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  1. Now that I think about it more, Babe is probably not a she with those horns, right? Thinking!