Monday, July 11, 2011

Vector Potter 15: Dobby (and sock)

Well, look who we have here, it's Dobby the House Elf:

When I started this project and thought about which characters I would and wouldn't be making, I kind of thought Dobby was unlikely to make the list. He's not exactly Jar Jar Binks, but he's as close as the Potter series ever got to a Jar Jar type - mewling, hairless, referring to himself in the third person, and just a bit too broad with the comic relief.

Still there's something a lot more likable about Dobby the House Elf. Is it the lack of fart jokes? Is it because he is at least sometimes a valuable asset? Is it how his particular story concludes?

Dobby won't ever be my favorite character, but in the end I did wind up liking the little guy, and that's a lot more than I expected.

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