Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yukon Cornelius and the fake pulp novel cover

I love the stop-motion Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer. It's completely crazy with its bipolar Santa (it kills me every time when, after the elves mount a big song-and-dance number he responds with, "Well, it needs work. I have to go."), Misfit Toys (polka-dot elephant, for a stuffed animal you really aren't that weird), and terrifying abominable snowman.

And then there's Yukon Cornelius, intrepid precious mineral-seeker and Bumble-wrangler, foraging the frozen north for fortune with his menagerie of unconventional sled dogs, sensitive palette, and overflowing enthusiasm. He meets an elf and a talking reindeer with an incandescent proboscis and thinks nothing of it. He wrestles a massive white yeti like it's all in a day's work. You know why? Because these things probably happen to him all the time. In that spirit, here's the cover of a non-existent pulp novel chronicling the further adventures of Christmas's most boisterous adventurer. Here's to you, Yukon Cornelius - Wahooooooooooo!

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