Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Announcing Princesses of Power!

The task I set for myself was this: redesigning the Disney princesses as superheroes, keeping the familiar elements of their costumes along the way. The additional guideline I gave myself was to try to imagine the costumes as they might've been created around the same time they had initially been designed for their animated features (meaning Snow White should look like a character from the 30s, Cinderella from the 50s, etc.).

I also went ahead and designed covers for each of them, complete with titles and various indicia to match the comic covers of each time period, just because I thought that made it more fun. New super-princesses will be posted every weekday from July 14 through July 22.

Come back tomorrow as we journey back to 1937 to meet the princess who's changing what it means to be "the fairest one of all": the sensational Snow White!