Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Derby, Dimes, and Design

Soon, my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan will soon have its own roller derby league. My wife Christa and I are both pretty excited about this and look forward to going to see tough girls slamming into one another at high speeds as soon as things get rollin'.

Christa hasn't been on skates in forever, so she's a little leery of jumping right
in and strapping on the skates (though I know a big part of her wants to), so instead she's doing some volunteering for them and has been placed on the fundraising committee. I heard through the grapevine that they didn't have a logo design picked out yet, though they did have some people working on something already. I decided, completely unsolicited by anybody, to come up with a design on my own and send it in. Potentially I'd be stepping on somebody's toes, possibly no one would like what I came up with. It's the kind of assertive move I probably don't make often enough. Anyway, here's the design I sent in:

Turns out, they loved it and it looks like I got it to them just in time! They're sending off to be printed on T-shirts this week so it'll be ready for their first fundraiser on June 25! Since they have to pay for each individual color (and there are seven on the image above - not counting black since the shirts can be black), they asked if I could come up with a two-tone version, which I had no problem with. It sounds like this will be the version on the initial T-shirt design:

I also sent them a single-color version that I include here just because I didn't expect it to look very good, but actually think it came out kind of nice:

If anybody is interested, I'll let you know where you can get the shirts once they're available. Support local fun!


  1. I'm on the fundraising committee with Christa, and I absolutely LOVE your design!!!


  2. Thanks, YM! Glad I was able to help out a little.