Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Second-to-last LOST thoughts, reactions, and speculations.


Nice to see the real Ben Linus back, wasn't it? I don't think he's really completely gone over to the dark side, but at least he's being devious and ruthless again. I'm betting he's either got a plan to turn again old Smokey or he's buying himself time to come up with a plan. Whatever's going on, it looks like we're going to get some good Ben Linus moments in the grand finale.

The ascension of Jack Shepard. I don't know, didn't it seem like, for an event that you could argue was kind of the point of the whole series, didn't Jack's acceptance of Jacob's island protector position seem to lack much dramatic heft? It did to me. If this was really what everything was building toward, wouldn't you expect some dramatic close-ups, more oomph from the score, just... more MORE?

I have a theory about why they didn't play it this way. My guess is that we haven't really seen the end of the issue about who the new island protector will be. What did we learn in the scene leading up to it. The RULES aren't always really rules ("it's just a line of chalk in a cave, Kate"), Kate was (is?) still a possible candidate after all, the candidates were chosen because they were flawed (um... who isn't?) and alone.

If the island's history of repeating and echoing the myth from "Across the Sea" needs to be broken, and if the candidates need to change to become worthy, wouldn't a good option be having the island protector NOT be a lonely, solitary individual? Wouldn't it be better if the island had more than one protector? I think that's where we're headed. I think we're going to see a Jack/Kate co-protectorship after all is said and done.

But then that doesn't figure in the crazy sideways world, which is certain to have some real importance to the series finale. I don't know where that story is going, but unlike a lot of other LOST fans, I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to learning how it plays out.

Oh, and I was glad Sawyer tried to call Jacob out on his uninvited messing with their lives. I'm glad someone didn't just immediately accept Jacob as a purely benevolent being. I actually would've liked a bit more from Sawyer on this.

Desmond: Who got him out of the well? I don't think it was the Jack/Kate/Hurley/Sawyer team. If it were, why wouldn't they show us? Who does that leave? Miles? Claire? Vincent?

You know who I lost track of, though? The great mass of everybody else. The extras. The unnamed other survivors of Oceanic 815. Where did they go? The last time I remember seeing them was when some were being ferried off to the freighter and it blew up. Killing some, sure, but there were still a bunch of people stranded with Sawyer and Juliet and the rest. Where did they go after that? They didn't time jump, right?

Rose and Bernard (and Vincent): last we saw them, they had settled in 1977 and didn't want any more drama. But what happened to them after Jughead blew up? Did they stay in 1977 when everyone else jumped back the present? That doesn't seem likely, does it?

The big finish is this Sunday! Fingers crossed against crushing disappointment!

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