Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lost Portraits - Juliet and Desmond

Lost portrait series #9 - Juliet Burke. The "Other" woman - ha ha: jokes! Brought to the island to assist with research in pregnancy, wound up acting as midwife to a new reality. Also given the supernatural power to have the world's most dramatically arched eyebrows.

Lost portrait series #10 - Desmond Hume. Remember way back in the first season when the audience's most heated speculation shifted from "what is the monster?" (remember everyone thought it was dinosaurs?) to "what's in the hatch"? Raise your hand if your theory was a sweaty Scotsman listening to Mama Cass records. Nobody? The island's Odysseus, always sidetracked by mission to mission while all he wants to do is return home to his Penny. Good luck, brotha.

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