Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost portraits: Charlie, Hurley, Miles, and Eko

Whoops. Forgot to post two of these here last week, so here's four to make up for it!

Lost Portrait series #5 - Charlie Pace, for whom salvation and temptation were often delivered in the same package. Sometime jolly sidekick, sometime wolf in sheep's clothing, sometime superstar, sometime nobody, and inventor of invisible peanut butter.

Lost Portrait series #6 - It's Hurley, dude.

Lost portrait series #7 - Miles Straume. You have to love a guy who, upon realizing he's been given an astonishing gift (the ability to communicate with the dead) - a talent that questions the nature of reality as we know it and presents a myriad of untold possibilities for discovery - thinks to himself, "now THIS I can profit from!"

Lost portrait series #8 - Mr. Eko. Fake priest, real preacher. He spoke softly and carried a big stick (that also spoke softly, metaphorically). Looked into the eye of the island and went to his smokey death too soon.

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